Comex pack’s product range includes a wide range of different types of sacks, and covers the needs of different industries – from food manufacturers to construction material manufacturers.

The materials we use in the production process are safe for packaging products intended for human and animal consumption.

Types of sacks

In the production program we have two types of sacks:

  • open
  • closed (bag valve)

In the process of manufacturing valve sacks, we distinguish four types of valves:

  • ordinary valve (sleeve)
  • drawn valve
  • pulled out valve with finger clip
  • nylon valve


Open sackg:

  • Width: 300-600 mm
  • Length: 440-1200 mm
  • a protective handkerchief of dimensions: 90-165mm is placed on the bottom of the bag

Closed bag:

  • Width: 300-600 mm
  • Length: 500-1250 mm
  • a protective handkerchief of dimensions: 90-165 mm is placed on the bottom of the bag

Valve dimensions

The length of the valve is done at the request of customers.


The bags can be made in several layers. The most common customer requirements are two-ply paper bags. According to special requirements, bags can be made in several layers, plus foil (PE).

  • Minimum: one (1) layer
  • Maximum: four (4) layers
  • Multilayer bag with foil (PE) between layers

The color

As for the bags themselves, depending on the number of layers, the color of the bag can be

  • yellow (two or more layers of yellow paper)
  • white (inner layer yellow, outer layer white)

The press

The printing on the bag is done in several colors. The possibilities of printing logos and other information about the manufacturer range in the following range:

  • print the front of the bag (logo)
  • front and side prints
  • full (tinted) (the entire surface of the bag is covered with paint)

The print on the handkerchief comes in 2 colors.


The packaging of finished products is done depending on customer requirements for different pallet sizes and quantities.