Comex Pack

Production and sale of paper packaging


Open mouth and valved sacks with several types of valves adapted to customer needs

Application areas

Packaging for food, seeds, animal feed, construction materials, chemicals...

Certificate and Quality policy

The business of Comex Pack d.o.o. is compliant with ISO 9001: 2015


The production process is harmonized with the recycling process

Comex Pack d.o.o.

About us

The company starts its business in the Brčko area, but with the growth of production it expands to the entire country. At the same time, production capacities are increasing, and an even larger market is being met.

Since 2007, the company has been perfecting and modernizing production, and fully automating the production process, as evidenced by the first certificates of quality and product standard, obtained in 2007.

6 steps

The manufacturing process

Receiving an order

Feasibility check

Development of the construction and design of the bag

Development and harmonization of construction and visual appearance of the product with the customer

Confirmation from the customer

Verification of the compliant product by the customer


Opening a work order

Issuing a work order with
clearly defined product characteristics


Realization of the production process in accordance with the work order


Delivery of products packed according to the highest transport standards

Year of existence
Projects per year
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Production program

Our products

The Comex pack company with its production program covers a wide range of different types of sacks and covers the needs of different industries – from food manufacturers to manufacturers of construction materials.

Branches of the economy

Application of our products


Mill products, sugar, spices, frozen products ...


Seed wheat and corn, sunflower, soybeans, legumes...

Animal feeds

Concentrates, additional mixtures, premixes, bran, granulated food...

Construction materials

Cement, mortar, construction adhesives, styrofoam adhesives, facade adhesives, smoothing compounds, gypsum, lime ...

Chemical products

Alumina, hydrates, zeolite, micronized limestone, fodder chalk...


Paper sacks for garbage, collective packaging, coal, abrasives ...